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Laura Lynne Boudoir | The Boudoir Dream Team® | Full Service Luxury Boudoir Studios in Chicago & Milwaukee



You don't need


confidence to book a


boudoir just


need to be brave. 


Luxury Studio Locations In Chicago & Milwaukee (414) 902-0968

** You must be at least 21 years of age to book your boudoir experience. 

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'"My biggest fear before my shoot was that my weight would haunt me while looking at my pictures. I see this picture now and the last thing I think about or see is how much I weigh. You do such a beautiful job making us look flattering no matter what size we are, it’s incredible. I never ever thought I could see a picture of myself and think I’m this beautiful. I’m so glad I didn’t wait. If I waited til I lost weight - I never would have done it. I never would have been satisfied with my weight, because it’s ALWAYS an internal struggle. We see ourselves so differently than other people see us. Thank you for seeing my beauty and making me see it ❤️"