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As we head into 2019 we are making some major changes and one of the changes was to our current payment plan options.

I have listened to what your major concern was for booking and have created a pretty amazing system, if I do say so myself!

These new plans will allow you to book our Luxury Boudoir Experience and Purchase the Products Of Your Dreams! I know we all have different priorities, excuses, and things that hold us back. But if you are anything like me, you will get what you want if you plan it out and make it a priority!

The Payment Plan Breakdown

Split your Session Fee of $300 (plus tax) up to 2 payments within one month of each other. First payment due immediately, second payment due within one month from first payment. Once the final payment is made, then your session can be booked.

Then you have the option to go on the Boudie Bank Plan. Which is a pre payment option and our most popular option. This allows you to bank studio credit towards your product purchase. You choose what you want to pay per month, when you want to pay, and you pay on your own time!

At the time of your session (we do same day viewing and ordering) you can choose to pay in full for the balance

- OR -

You can start another payment plan that is split up to 6 payments after your session!

Then you can go on a payment plan that starts the day of your session.

Your first payment is due on your payment plan balance the day of your session. Whether you were on a pre payment option or not. Via cash or credit.

A few things to keep in mind:

** these payment plans are offered in house and are interest free and offered to everyone who is a new booking starting Jan 1, 2019 **

** We currently only take bookings 6 months in advance. Product processing time is up to 4 weeks **

** It's up to you what payment plan you want to take advantage of. You can take advantage of One, Both, or Pay in Full **

** your products are not ordered until your total amount is paid for your product order. All money paid to LLB is final and non refundable **