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Our Products Are A Representation Of Your Journey | Laura Lynne Boudoir |

I wanted to share what a client had to say about how seeing herself in print changed her life. These amazing products are more than just a pretty face..


"So I had to share how my Friday went with you.

Actually. I have to start with the day I got my pictures.

I came home that day to a package sitting on my bed. My heart immediately felt like it was going to jump out of my body because I knew what was in there. I had downloaded the app the second that email arrived and had already gone through the portfolio several times - each time feeling like it was the first time all over again. I’ve loved having the ability on the cloudy, rainy days to log in and see that girl looking back at me in all those photos.

So I knew when I saw that box that I would get to hold those photos. In my hands. I slowly opened it and took the box out of the box (which, by the way, I absolutely love that metal box - it’s perfect and totally everything that my life is composed of at the moment... Metal, metal things everywhere) and took the photos out. The handwritten card was so sweet and the perfect final touch, truly. Holding those photos in my hands was a completely different experience than simply looking at them on a screen. Hard to find the words for (which seems to happen to me a lot when describing this experience - funny for someone who can’t ever stop talking and has a love obsession with words to not find the right ones to say). I sat there on my bed, alone in my room, with tears slowly falling down my face. So proud of myself for following through with doing it even though I was so afraid. For trusting three remarkable women and the process, even though it was completely out of my comfort zone. But most importantly, for finding the reason to say yes to doing it: I was ready to invest in me and this journey of self-love.

I kept those photos for me for a few days. That girl in those photos, she was mine and mine alone for a few days. A silent love affair, I guess you could call it. Last Friday rolled around, my second wedding anniversary. I wrapped up that beautiful little box and that beautiful metal art and put the last little Polaroid in a card I made for him.

After our girls went to sleep, I gave him the gift. He said, “I thought we said no gifts!” And I replied, “this was mostly a gift for me, you’re just getting the benefit of it.” He looked at me super confused and began to read the card and looked at the last Polaroid that was left. His face was everything at that moment. The little smile he had. He started to take off the wrapping paper and it felt like it was taking a lifetime. But his pace was just right. He slowly opened the metal box and took off the bow from the photos.

Slowly he had the same reaction I did - tears falling down his face while he smiled and sat down next to me. I asked him why he was so sad and he said he just thought I was so beautiful and that it looked like I felt it too. I wrote a note underneath the photos and it explained what I did, where I went, the experience I had. And after he read that note he said he noticed a change in me that day. He said I left in the ugliest pajamas (you remember that terrible grandma nightgown) and seemed so nervous. He thought I was going to see my nephrologist and was nervous that I was going alone. But he said when I came back I seemed so different, so confident. I came home that night and wore that lingerie and kept the lights on (unheard of for me). He said something about me changed and that I seemed so much more at peace with myself. He noticed that I haven’t said a single negative thing about myself - which, after he said it I realized he was right. He hugged me so tight and said he was so happy that I was finally able to see myself as he’s always seen me all these years. And he said he was so happy to keep those photos for himself. Immediately following we went and hung the photo up in our workshop. So every time we are at the welding table, we can look up and see that babe lookin’ back at us.

His reaction was so perfect. I put the app on his phone and his face... it’s so basic but I can’t even. Just the best reaction and the “reveal” was everything I hoped it would be.

He wanted me to thank you two for all you did in that process and for all you do. So, from us both: thank you. Thank you for all you do and for reigniting the spark in me that was waiting to be relit for so many years."

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