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Own Your Sexuality

As women, we are slut shamed every single day. I see it among other women. I see it among other boudoir photographers. We are told we are sluts if we express ourselves like men and enjoy sex. We are shamed if we have confidence with our own sexuality. I am just so tired of it and I am putting an end to all of the shaming!

This year I have felt like it was a turning point to my work where I could no longer be safe. I felt like I was getting complaisant with the art I was producing because I was scared what others might think. I too was scared that I would be shamed for owning my own sexuality and for portraying that in my work. I felt like I was holding back and not really going for it in and it showed. I felt like the poses were too robotic, too safe, unnatural and not pushing the boundaries. The same grab the crotch poses was nauseating. I was giving women what I thought they wanted....something kinda sexy kinda soft and pretty. As time goes on I see that my clients come to me because they want to be comfortable in their own skin. They want to be comfortable with their sexuality and they ask for it in their sessions. They come to me to find themselves again, or to express themselves in a tasteful way. They come to me because they

I provide a non judgmental environment where you can feel comfortable in. I provide a place where you can truly let your guard down and celebrate your sexy! Sexy is a word from sex...why not just cut the bullshit and stop being so safe?

Don't be scared of what others think of you. Don't be scared of judgement. This is YOUR journey. NOT theirs. You tell YOUR story the way YOU want to. If they don't like it...they can leave. BYE.

You of course do not have to go naked, but this is what I am now specializing in. I would say that the number one regret from our clients is that they didn't just "go for it!" That they didn't go nude or topless for their experience. In all honesty, shooting nude portraits is actually my favorite. It doesn't allow you to hide behind lingerie, behind a big sweater, a "costume/uniform", it allows me to capture you. In your truest form.

When you walk through that studio door, you leave your old self behind. You leave all the bullshit, judgement, and self loathing behind. You walk out a stronger, more confident woman that owns her shit! Let me tell you....there is nothing more powerful in the world than a woman who discovers her true self. #lauralynneboudoir #milwaukeeboudoir #wisconsinboudoir #chicagoboudoir #illinoisboudoir #bestboudoirwisconsin #bestboudoirmilwaukee #bestboudoirchicago #milkwaukeebride #chicagobride #milwaukeephotographer #wisconsinphotographer