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She Inspires Me | Laura Lynne Boudoir

Something I very rarely talk about is age and weight. I will not single a woman out and make an example out of her such as, "boudoir at any age" and then show a woman in her 20's or 50's or "boudoir at any weight" and show a woman a size 2 or 22. It's just not something I feel needs to be said or pointed out. I share my art and let you decide how it inspires you.

But today is different. Today I am going to point out this amazing woman and I want to talk about age.

She inspires me to be better and to remind me that you can make major changes at any age. That it's "never too late" and that dedication to what you want is possible no matter what.

See, this 50 something woman is a repeat client of mine and the first time she came to me she was at a different time in her life. It's important to her to come to me and have me document every stage of her life's journey.

This time around she wanted to document her fitness journey as she embarks in the exciting world of fitness competitions. I am so proud of her and so proud of her dedication to her goals. I look at her and it reminds me that no matter what your goals are with hard work, its possible.

Fitness, business, self love, whatever your's important to document these important milestones in your life.

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