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The Most Important Thing You Need To Do [When You Book Your Dream Experience]| Laura Lynne Boudoir

Current Clients or Babes on the fence about booking, this post is for you!!!!

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you should be doing before your boudoir session is taking advantage of our Boudie Bank option for your products!

The boudie bank is a pre payment option that allows you to bank studio credit towards the Luxury Products of your dreams!

So often we have women regretting not taking advantage of this plan because they didn’t realize or plan for liking so many images! So they have to have to leave behind so many incredible images – never to see them again!!! .

Could you imagine walking away from your beautiful gallery, never to be able to see it again! OMG that would keep me up at night!

Women always think “I am not going to like that many photos anyway” so they plan for purchasing the smallest number of images only to then be blown away by how amazing they look! Then disappointed that they didn’t plan for this and now they have to settle. Who likes settling? I know I don’t!

You just invested all this time, prep, and money to then walk away with our minimum package of ONLY 10 images??? HOW?? This is the time to invest in your legacy. If this is a “once in a lifetime” experience for you wouldn’t you want to keep as many images as possible from that time in your life? When you finally felt beautiful. Where you saw yourself as a strong powerful woman?!

Remember, that during your viewing and ordering appointment this is the only time to view your images and make a purchase. So planning ahead is KEY!

Your boudie bank account allows you to pay into this account on YOUR TERMS. You pay when you want, and as much as you want! If you want to be held more accountable you can always have us automatically draft this for you, that way you don’t even have to think about it.

If you are like me, you plan to save money and somehow you find an excuse to touch the money you have been saving. When you pay into the Boudie Bank it allows you to pay and not have to worry or scramble the day of your session.

Or worse….having to make the worst decision….only walking away with 10 images! 10!!! 10 might seem like a good number, but I assure you, it’s not and your story looks unfinished when it’s placed in the smallest album we offer.

Boudie Banks are available up to 6 months prior to your session! At the time of your session you can either pay in full for the difference (if there is any) OR go on another payment plan for an additional 6 months! Making this experience more doable for so many women! * no products are processed until all payments are completed/paid in full. Please keep that in mind when planning if you have a deadline for your products.***

Are you booked only a month or so out right now? You can still take advantage of the boudie bank too! Even one payment into the studio credit will make a difference!


Babes, last minute gift ideas are the WORST! Especially when thinking about gifting an album to your babe! If you are looking to gift an album for this year’s holiday in December, you NEED to plan ahead if you want to take advantage of our Boudie Bank!!!


Booking now allows you to bank 6 months of boudie bank payments! Have your session in October or November (which is the product deadline to ensure you receive your products by the holiday). Pre pay as much as you wish and pay in full at the time of your session (if there is one) and BOOOOOMMMM you have the PERFECT GIFT for the Holiday!!!! I can guarantee you, this WILL BE the best gift to yourself and to your babe you can give!

We look forward to planning your Dream Experience!


Laura Lynne

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