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I really wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I loved how Laura was able to make so many women feel so damn good about themselves and I wanted to be able to see myself the way all of the women prior now see themselves as well. I wanted to find my confidence and feel beautiful in my own skin. I was terrified. I was scared that I would look and feel awkward. Or that I would be the one person that didn't look good in their pictures. I had to get past my anxiety and pull the trigger. I thought I would feel nervous or intimidated the entire time, but that wasn't the case. After I got past my initial nerves, Laura and Jenna made me feel super comfortable and beautiful. Laura. She was so easy to talk to and be around. I love that she literally walks you through everything. Step by step. She is so thorough when showing you poses and talking you through how to do every different one. My confidence was definitely boosted with her compliments after taking a sassy picture. After I saw my photos I was in shock that I could look that good! I was speechless. It felt great to be the badass girl in the pictures. It's going to sound scary in your head every time you think about it, but don't let that stop you. If you have even one ounce of you that wants to do it, book the shoot. It will be one of the most exhilarating experiences you could ever gift yourself. You deserve to spoil yourself, you mind as well do it while looking like a sexy, fierce, empowered woman.
I never saw myself as "sexy." Doing this boudoir shoot made me feel like a sexy woman for the first time. Major self confidence booster. The studio is stunning. I loved all the masculine features. It has a very sexy vibe when you look around the room. Every piece looks like it belongs and is there to compliment you in your shoot. The team was wonderful. They make you feel like you're important and special. They are super welcoming and don't make you feel uncomfortable. I am thankful for all of their hard work and talent. They helped make it all worth it.


I’ve been marinating on what to say about my shoot with Krissy last Thursday and just as I laid my daughter down for her afternoon nap I get the E-mail notification that my pictures are ready! I took it as a sign (with the help of a silent house) to really think on it.


When I woke up last Thursday I was so nervous, where up until that day I was nothing but excited. I had hives on my arms and my neck (the most unforgiving teller of my secrets, always) But, when I arrived Krissy and Jenna were there waiting with smiles as they showed me where to put my things and sat me down in the makeup chair. The nerves began to melt away as we talked about skincare products we love, our pets and children… it was exactly what I needed. Once I put my first outfit on I was back to my old excited self and we shared some laughs once I realized how weird it felt to have be a mouth breather for the next few hours. The shoot went by so quickly I felt like I had only been there for minutes!


But the real self-reflection happened when she was done curating the gallery for me to choose from. During the slideshow I felt like I didn’t know what I was looking at, I had seen all of Laura and Krissy’s photos shared on the website and the Facebook group and I expected to see these other women. I was quiet, and I think I said something like “well that was an experience!” after it ended. Krissy showed me how to choose my photos for my Album and as I painstakingly went through 2, 3, 4 times… I fell in love with every photo that scrolled across that screen because in the end I wasn’t seeing those other women in photos I’ve been staring at for months.. It was ME. The stretch marks on my thighs from when I was a young gangly pre-teen growing into the woman I am now. The scars on my tummy from carrying my children. Images of a frame that is suddenly becoming stronger and changing shape in new ways since I started putting myself first in an effort to be healthy. All of it was me. Again, I’m looking at my photos with the highest appreciation for what Laura Lynne Boudoir does. I always thought I wanted to have a session with you so that I could “look like one of those girls too”….Turns out I look like me and that’s the best feeling in the world. Thank you for giving that feeling back to me.


Thank you SO MUCH for giving me the opportunity to feel like an absolute GODDESS. From the moment I walked in the door at the Milwaukee studio, I was completely blown away by thoughtfulness and care taken into making your clients feel welcome. Jenna is truly the best of the best when it comes to BEAUTIFUL makeup. I mean, truly. Krissy was amazing to work with. She helped me to look and feel my best and encouraged me to honestly bring myself and my personality to the session. Looking at the pictures today is astounding to see the woman I didn’t realize I truly am: strong and beautiful 


I started following Laura Lynne Boudoir a couple years ago. I’ve always envied the women in the pictures; they were all so beautiful it was intimidating. I booked when it was a time in my life when work was stressful and I was recently single. But, on the positive side, I was finally at a point where I was comfortable with my body so why not celebrate it. To my surprise I got a call back.

The nerves started when I got that email. I had no idea what lingerie to get, or shoes to buy, how to pose, or how I would feel standing in lingerie in front of strangers? There were so many questions. The emails I received from Krissy leading up to my appointment were so helpful. They provided all the tips and tricks to prepare. Everything I had questions on and more were covered. I didn’t expect that much guidance when I initially signed up for this shoot, but the guide was extremely helpful to make sure my experience went as smooth as possible.

The day finally came and the nerves really set in. I double checked and triple checked I had everything and I was ready for the day. When I got there all three of the ladies were so sweet! I started the session with Jenna for make up and hair. Jenna was so nice and very easy to talk to. When she was done I couldn’t believe how I looked. I’ve never had my makeup down professionally, so this was absolutely amazing moment to see the final product!

Then it was time for the shoot. Laura made me feel so comfortable, it was like being with a friend. I had no clue what I was doing, but she walked me through all the poses and made me feel beautiful. She was also conscious of making sure I was comfortable, which I was! It was a very special feeling I can’t even put in words. Laura makes you feel so confident which exudes in the pictures.

Looking over the pictures were unbelievable. I’ve never seen myself look like that in my life. Finally, after worrying about work, relationships, and everything else, I did something for me. The most difficult part of the day was picking out what pictures I wanted to order. Laura did an absolutely amazing job. I never thought I would look half as beautiful as the girls I had seen so many times before, but I was.

I think boudoir pictures are something everyone needs to experience. Our lives are filled with social media and beautiful models. But, taking these pictures makes you realize you can be just as beautiful. It is truly something so special and I love looking back at my pictures.


I found Laura when I was planning my wedding. She has such a beautiful style and is so talented. I fell in love with the way she captured light, and all her photos seemed so natural and organic, nothing seemed forced. I really wanted to plan a shoot with Laura then, thinking it would be a good gift for my fiance, but I just didn't have it in the budget to do so.

My wedding came and went, and Laura's pictures still came up in my feeds. I was still in love with every image she posted, thinking that maybe one day "when I loose enough weight" I would do a shoot with her.

One day Laura's work popped up on my Facebook again. I think I just got tired of telling myself that one day I would feel beautiful enough to do a boudoir shoot, and I said today is the day. I signed up.

I spent about a month memorizing every email, and obsessing over what lingerie I would buy. Laura made everything so easy and straightforward, I was able to find some beautiful pieces with the links that she sent.

I was so nervous walking into the studio. I'm not used to being the one in front of the camera and I had no clue what to expect. The second I walked through the door, Laura had such a laid back, calm and friendly demeanor that made me feel comfortable. Jenna was so nice and did an amazing job making me feel relaxed, but also an amazing job with my hair and makeup. Having such amazing hair and makeup is not something that I get to experience often, but I have no words to describe how amazing I felt.

The most nerve wrecking part was changing into the first outfit. My husband is the only one who's ever seen me in my underwear. After having a baby my body image was shattered and it was one-pieces and sweat pants from there.

Out of everything, Laura made me feel amazing. Not once did it feel awkward or uncomfortable. She was so authentic and sincere through the entire process. She didn't have a "customer" voice, I felt like I was talking to a friend. We bonded over photography and laughed the whole time. Nothing was rushed or forced. The biggest advice I could tell anyone is STRECH! It was a workout!

I'm in awe at the work Laura created. I know that's me, but that sexiness is not something I've recognized before this. I'd never seen my butt like that before, but I was honestly speechless. The images are beyond beautiful and Laura captured that stunning light that made me fall in love with her images. I could not be more grateful and I wouldn't dream of going to anyone but Laura! Every once in a while I'll send a picture to my husband, but to be honest these ones are for me.


I don’t even know how I found Laura Lynne Boudoir. It may sound cheesy, but I feel like it was fate that I stumbled across her. I can remember the first time I found out there was even such thing as a boudoir photo shoot. I was looking for a photographer for my wedding, and one of the companies did boudoir photo shoots as well. At that point I became kind of obsessed with the idea. I knew that someday I wanted to do one. But that someday was when I had lost more weight and gotten in better shape.

Flash forward to after my first baby. Someone in a Facebook group I belong to had posted some of her boudoir pictures and they were so beautiful. So I started to research photographers in my area, and I think that’s when I found Laura. The moment I saw her pictures and how sexy the women looked, I knew I had to go through her. But again, I wasn’t ready. I still had baby weight that I wanted to lose because I didn’t want to “waste” my photos because I wasn’t “skinny” enough to look good in them. Even though I saw women of all shapes and sizes in her photos looking amazing. I just didn’t think mine would look like that!

Here comes another baby! The weight was not coming off after this one, I was suffering from postpartum depression and was basically struggling with losing myself. I felt no connection to my body and who I was as a person before the babies. My husband would tell me he thought I was sexy, but I could not see it. I really have no idea what made me book my photo shoot. I think it was because I knew that I was struggling and that I needed something for myself, something to get myself back and see myself the way my husband sees me. Only 6 months after I had my 2nd baby, I saw that Laura Lynne posted a boudie call and I signed up. I did it as fast as I could so that I couldn’t talk myself out of it. I decided to pick one of the last dates available so that I could use it as motivation to start getting back in shape because again, I didn’t want to waste the photos because I wasn’t skinny enough. Now, as life goes with 2 kids under 2, I was not able to start this amazing workout plan and dedicate all this time to food prep and working out. I did not lose the baby weight which made me so nervous.

The other parts of the photo shoot prep were a lot of fun. I am obsessed with pretty underwear and lingerie but it had been forever since I had bought anything new. I splurged and got some beautiful new pieces that I felt good in. I got my hair done and my nails done and really spent some much needed time on myself. The day of, I was sooooo nervous. I missed my exit and drove around the block like 5 times before I went upstairs. The minute I walked in the door though, I was greeted as if I was an old friend. Everyone was so friendly that it was hard not to be excited. It had been forever since I had my makeup done and I couldn’t believe how beautiful I felt when I looked in the mirror. She was so genuine and so very talented that hanging out with her while she was doing my hair and makeup made me feel so much more comfortable with the whole process.

The photo shoot itself was a blast. I felt like I was hanging out with my girlfriends. I had no idea I could feel comfortable in next to nothing in front of perfect strangers. Laura helped me pick my outfits and without realizing it, she gave me the courage to go topless. I was so self-conscious about my stomach but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t go all out. At first, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull off some of the poses she had me in, but when she showed me some sneak peaks, I was blown away that I was looking at myself. I had no idea that I could look that way. She knew exactly the right poses to make me look smoking hot!

Looking at the photos with Krissy, I was starstruck. I couldn’t believe that was me. Never in my life would I have thought I could look like that! I felt so sexy, so confident – that I could take on the world. I had kept this a secret from my husband because I wanted to use the album as a gift for him, but I couldn’t wait to show him the photos. The album may have been for him, but the photo shoot was for me. To remind myself that no matter what size, what season of life I am in, I am a strong, sexy, bad-ass woman! I want to thank all of the amazing women who were there that day so very much for helping me see myself like that.

To everyone out there on the fence. Do it! Make that appointment! Let them show you that you are perfect just the way you are! The feeling is so addicting. Whenever I am having a bad day, I open that app and remind myself that I am enough! I am already trying to figure out when I can do my next photo shoot!


I've spent the last ten years in my career focused on making women feel better about themselves. I'm an esthetician specializing in waxing. As silly as it seems, something as simple as smoothing out a bikini line or removing an unwanted mustache does wonders for self confidence. Hair removal may seem superficial, but when you like what you see on the outside, it often makes you feel better on the inside. But who actually really loves everything on the outside?

Every day, women apologize to me. They apologize for their hairy legs, their unpedicured toes, their baby weight they just can't seem to lose. I repeat everyday that my room is a no judgement zone. I am a woman too. Don't be ashamed. It's saddening to hear this all day; woman after woman, appointment after appointment. I constantly think to myself god, I wish they could see how I saw them. These beautiful women, all shapes and sizes, all colors and curves.

After hearing about Laura Lynne from a client of mine, I decided to show myself the same self love I try to bestow upon my clients. So, after a bout of nerve induced acid relfux, I emailed Laura a few dates and times that would work. A few hours later I was booked for a date six weeks out, and I don't think that acid reflux went away once.
Trying to buy myself lingere was embarrassing. I couldn't imagine myself in anything like it, all lace and string and mesh. I was convinced that I'd look like a strung up Christmas roast. A roast with cellulite and stretch marks. I just picked a few things that I liked, and figured if Laura doesn't think these will work, I'll just get nude. Fuck it.

I decided to give up alcohol for the six weeks leading up to my appointment. This, for me, was no small feat. But, I wanted to lose some bloat, and this was the perfect inspiration to do so. I gathered the balls to do this and the thought of being devastated when I saw myself in the pictures was unbearable. So the wine had to be hidden on the top shelf of the cupboard, where I'd have time to think twice while I dragged a chair in from the dining room.

Finally the day had arrived. I had read the guides Laura had emailed me to the point of memorization. I was ready, sick with nerves, but ready. I spent that morning puttering around my house, wringing my hands. 
When I got to the studio, I was greeted with a chorus of hellos from three women with whom I was about to be very intimately acquainted. After setting my things down, I was introduced to Jenna. I had never had my makeup professionally done before, and I felt sickened by relinquishing control to someone I just met. We talked though the application and found we had some things and people in common and I became profoundly relaxed. It was as if she barely touched my face when she handed me the mirror. I gasped, and I think I scared her for a second. My breath was quite literally taken away. She had created such a masterpiece, and I still remember the heartbreak of seeing it all on my washcloth that night.

After makeup was complete, everything is kind of a blur. Laura's confidence is infectious. I was initially faking my confidence, but with Laura taking control and constantly reassuring me, the facade became reality. I allowed myself to trust her completely, even when I was thoroughly convinced I had to look like Miss Piggy trying to give face. With Krissy in the room, I felt like we were just three pals killing time on a Friday afternoon. Having these two beautiful women cheer me on made me feel like I deserved to be in the spotlight. I am, in fact, as sexy and powerful as they say.

After the session I felt... high, I suppose. I was so enamored with what I had just done, with the confidence I felt in myself. Scrolling through the photos was initially like looking at a stranger. It took me a while to let it sink in that those photos were me. I did it. Goddamnit, I did it.

Now that I have all my images readily availble, I have been sharing them with my clients. The same clients that tell me day in and day out that they're sorry I have to see their flabby tummies. Now I just hand them a few photos and say hey, check out mine.

I hope that by doing this I can show all these women, whom I have the privilege of serving, that if I can embrace my "imperfections", maybe they can too.


The photo shoot itself was a blast. I felt like I was hanging out with my girlfriends. I had no idea I could feel comfortable in next to nothing in front of perfect strangers. Laura helped me pick my outfits and without realizing it, she gave me the courage to go topless. I was so self-conscious about my stomach but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t go all out. At first, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull off some of the poses she had me in, but when she showed me some sneak peaks, I was blown away that I was looking at myself. I had no idea that I could look that way. She knew exactly the right poses to make me look smoking hot!

Looking at the photos with Krissy, I was starstruck. I couldn’t believe that was me. Never in my life would I have thought I could look like that! I felt so sexy, so confident – that I could take on the world. I had kept this a secret from my husband because I wanted to use the album as a gift for him, but I couldn’t wait to show him the photos. The album may have been for him, but the photo shoot was for me. To remind myself that no matter what size, what season of life I am in, I am a strong, sexy, bad-ass woman! I want to thank all of the amazing women who were there that day so very much for helping me see myself like that.


I wanted to tell you how much I LOVED my experience yesterday in your MKE studio with Krissy O'Dwyer! (She is the sweetest! And Jenna was awesome too-felt like I’ve known them both for years) Never had I thought about a boudoir session in my life and am unsure who added me to the group over a year ago, but this process was sort of the culmination of the last 5 years of my life and learning to love myself and I’m so glad I just took the leap! Krissy, you have no idea how good I felt while being hear someone say “gorgeous” or “pretty” or “beautiful” over the course of our time...not just because it’s your “job” women are changing lives through your work and I just wanted to thank you so much for MY day! My husband LOVED the polaroids but his best reaction was “I Love YOU” Shannon...for you.


Hello beautiful ladies! I would like to take a moment to thank Laura for making me feel like a sexy goddess during our boudoir photo session. Everything about this experience has beyond exceeded my expectations in terms of professionalism, building confidence and making me feel so good about myself. I decided to do the shoot because I wanted to give my fiance a completely unexpected wedding gift that will make his head spin! I also did the shoot to empower myself to look at my body in a more self-loving and positive way. If anyone is still on the fence about taking the plunge, GO FOR IT! It will change your life!


Thank you Laura for one of the best experiences of my life! All of my nerves quickly went by the wayside and I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with you. Shout out to Jenna too for my hair and makeup. I have worked really hard to get my confidence back after a past miserable relationship that was filled with emotional abuse and financial devastation. Very happy now, but still my confidence wavers from time to time, so I thank you with all my heart and soul for making me feel strong, beautiful and sexy. So thrilled that I did this for myself! You are the very best Laura! 


"This is the ONLY boudoir photographer you should even consider shooting you in the entire country, let alone the city of Chicago. Laura is a creative FORCE. I felt 100% at ease in the studio with her, and that relaxed energy translated to the photos. They turned out incredible. I have never thought my body could look this amazing, but she captured every curve flawlessly. I felt beautiful, strong, sexy and bold, both in the studio and every time I look at them... which is often cause I'm obsessed. You will absolutely not regret taking these photos. The loft space is beautiful... I wish I lived in it, lol. You do not need to have any prior posing knowledge... just come as you are and Laura and her team of female championing women will take care of the rest!"


I got my package and I am sooo sooo soooooo in love!!! They turned out absolutely amazing and I couldn’t be happier!! I can’t thank you enough for showing me another side of me that I don’t normally see myself. Thank you for what you do and for making me feel beautiful!! I gave my husband them last night and he was shocked and said how amazing they all looked. He also said I had balls haha (for doing the topless ones) and he said he loves how confident in myself I was to go and do this. He had the biggest smile the whole time he was looking through them all. So thank you again for being you and doing all you do 


I finally got to give him my book from the photoshoot on our wedding night last Saturday! This was easily the hardest secret I’ve ever had to keep from him but it was SO worth it! He was speechless! I felt like I got to relive the photo shoot when I told him all about how comfortable and confident, I felt. I am forever thankful for this experience. You have a remarkable gift and I can only imagine how many lives you have changed and will continue to change with your business. Thank you for sharing your gift with me. 


I think we can all agree that boudoir takes us out of our comfort zone, and yet we still all have it on our bucket list! And I am so glad I finally did it! I was amazed with how beautiful all the photos turned out. I even had a problem narrowing photos down to 20, 20!- that’s a lot of pictures of yourself and yet I loved so so many of them! From the minute I walked in, Krissy and Jenna were so warm and welcoming. There wasn’t a minute that went by where we weren’t chit-chatting. I felt like I was just hanging out with a couple of my good girlfriends! I feel so proud of myself for finally pushing myself to do this and even happier that I went with Laura Lynne Boudoir!


Thoughts of excitement, a little nervousness, curiosity to name a few. From the second I walked through the doors of the studio, I was greeted with big smiles and friendliness. Her office manager and make-up artist are awesome. Laura walks you through EVERYTHING. She connects with you and gives you the feeling of ease and comfort. She talked me through all the poses, made me laugh (which, by the way, were some of my favorite shots that she captured!) and asked me how I was feeling and doing throughout my whole session. I knew she was getting great shots every time I heard her giggle or say "yes!" or "love it!" when looking at what she captured. Once we were finished and I was looking at my photos I could not help but overflow with emotions as I could not believe how beautiful I really am. I have never ever looked at myself that way until Laura showed me I am, through her beautiful and amazing work. I can not thank her enough for this wonderful feeling she has given me. I highly recommend Laura Lynne if ever you are looking for a Boudoir experience. I promise you will not regret it and I can also tell you this will not be my only time. I definitely plan on doing another session in the future.


I am a fairly conservative person, but I had been thinking about doing something fun and outside my comfort zone for a while as a treat for myself and the love of my life. I had done my research, talked to friends and everyone who had worked with Laura Lynne absolutely raves about her!! My mind was made up and I took the plunge to book a shoot with Laura and I was NOT disappointed!! She is so cool and relaxed and has amazing style, I was so comfortable and at ease the whole time. We were having a blast, it was really fun! Laura definitely knows her stuff, she is sooooo incredibly talented, I love love love her work. She was conscientious of my comfort and likes and dislikes, areas of my body I was a bit more self-conscious about and even when I was on the struggle bus with posing she literally showed me what to do! She had great ideas, she listened to mine and when we were done, which went by in the blink of an eye, I was BEYOND excited to see my photos. It was amazing and I saw myself in a totally different light. I was not disappointed it was everything I was hoping for from start to finish and totally worth it. Go to Laura Lynn or just send her a message if you are curious. Laura empowers women and wants to provide the best boudoir experience out there, she is professional and knows the industry and her craft, and she cares about all of her clients. I will definitely go to Laura Lynn again in the future, not even a question. Thank you so much Laura!!


I can not say enough amazing things about my experience in the studio. From the moment I walked in they began to alleviate all my fears and nervousness. Her stylist was so great she took her time and did things with makeup I could never do on my own. I couldn't believe how beautiful I felt when she was finished. Then the scary part came, putting on the first outfit. Laura helped me choose from what I brought and after the first photo positioning I was completely at ease. I spent a good portion of my shoot laughing and truly forgot that I was just chilling in some lingerie. I had a hard time choosing photos because she made me look like me but brought out the best in me and so many photos were incredible. I can not say how much valued this experience and will definitely be doing another in the future.

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