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"Thank you SO MUCH for giving me the opportunity to feel like an absolute GODDESS. From the moment I walked in the door at the Milwaukee studio, I was completely blown away by thoughtfulness and care taken into making your clients feel welcome"

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THE Session FEE

$400+ tax

- Professional Hair & Makeup Application (w/lashes)

- Dream Shoot Planner

- Expert Coaching and Posing

- Online Wardrobe Consultation If Needed

- Same Day Image Viewing & Product Ordering Session

- Shipping Of Products To Your Home

(**digitals and products are not included in your session fee)

what's included:

*Session fee, completed contract, and questionnaire due to book your date.

Session Fee


 Every time you look at your album, you will be reminded of your life changing boudoir experience over and over again with each turn of the page. You get to relive the day you took the first steps of your journey to self love. Where you laughed so hard and had the best pampering day. The day of YOU! You will never forget this day...the day you finally saw yourself as beautiful and deserving of self love. What you leave the studio with is an experience unlike any other studio out there and your artwork is a souvenir of this amazing journey. 


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  • How Do I Book A Shoot?
    Your first email to us, is probably the hardest part of the whole experience! Thats right, sending that first email is a big step so you should be proud of yourself! The rest is easy because we literally hold your hand through the entire process! Your first step would be to email or call. Don't forget to tell us what location you would like to book for too. We like to get to know our clients in order to provide you with the best experience possible. We will then set up a quick complimentary phone consultation where we will talk about what we have to offer and to schedule you. Can't wait to chat!
  • I Want To Book, But I Am SO NERVOUS!!! "
    Don't worry babe! This feeling is completely normal!! After all, the way you see yourself is going to change forever once you complete your session! We promise that after your session, you will wonder what all the worrying and anxiety was for! We treat all our clients like long lost best friends because, that is what we see you as! We just want the best for you. During your session we gossip, laugh, and sometimes cry after you see yourself through our lens! Every woman that walks through our doors is important to us. We want you to feel safe, beautiful, sexy, and with people who you can be yourself with in a judgement free zone! You will be surprised on how relaxed and casual the environment really is with us.
  • I'm Not A Model, Is Boudoir Really For ME? "
    ABSOLUTELY!!!! Each and every woman is deserving of this life changing experience. We actually do not work with models at this time. Every woman that you see in our portfolio has been posed and guided by us! We have never had a woman walk in that was not nervous about her session. Boudoir photography is for EVERY type of woman of all shapes and sizes. We ALL have insecurities and what we consider to be flaws. We pride ourselves on being able to work with all body types and create gorgeous pieces of art regardless of your insecurities! I am also proud to say that all of the women featured are everyday women just like you and me. They are CEO's, Stay at home Moms, Entrepreneurs, Nurses, Doctors, Waitresses, Firefighters, Police Officers, Military personnel, and so much more! If you have visited the testimonial page, you will see that we turn insecurities into something you will love about yourself.
  • Do I Have To Be On Your Website Or Social Media?
    I of course would LOVE to use images from our session together to show other women your amazing photos and inspire other women to fall in love with themselves! HOWEVER, I also completely understand if you might be uncomfortable to share them for personal or professional reasons. That said, I will not share unless you grant written permission. The bottom line is: I will honor whatever level of privacy you would like. Many clients are so proud of their images that they give me full discretion to choose images to empower other women, some clients prefer that only share their faceless images, some clients prefer to choose the images that are posted, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted. All of the clients you see in our portfolio or social media, have all signed waivers for their images.
  • Is Hair & Makeup Included?
    YES! We believe that the first thing you experience before your shoot begins, is that you get pampered! That is why we offer Professional Hair and Makeup application with every client. We work with one of the area's most sought after and talented makeup artists! She has been published and is also an award winning artist that has worked on hundreds of women with many different skin types, styles, and ages. At your session she will do a quick consultation where you and her will discuss what look you have in mind for your glam. For your hair we like to keep things sexy and tousled. Think voluminous sexy loose curls and glowy fresh skin!
  • I Don't Have Lingerie, and I Don't Know Where To Shop! HEELLLP! "
    We got you babe! When you book your session, we send over your Dream Shoot Planner that goes over everything you will need to prepare for your shoot. We offer tips for shopping for your body type and comfort level. As well as providing you with our favorite place to shop. Look through our portfolio as well to find ideas if you are stumped!
  • Who Is Going To Be Present At My Shoot?
    We like to keep our team as small as possible to make you feel the most comfortable! During your shoot you will have your professional photographer and possibly an assistant. Your hair and makeup artist will be there too, however she does not stay for your shoot. We have an all female staff that specialize in Boudoir Artistry. Specializing in this field, means that we do not photograph any other genre. We do not photograph; weddings, events, businesses, families, babies etc. This allows us to provide women with the best luxury life changing boudoir experience the area has to offer!
  • Does The Experience Fee Incldue Digitals or Products?
    Digitals and Products are sold separate and you can make your final decision the day of your session. Where you will view your images and place your product order. We want you to see your artwork like it is meant to be print! That is why we offer a variety of luxury handmade products. You choose what speaks to you and what works for your budget. Our luxury albums are our best sellers as they are the best way to tell your story of your life changing day. We have samples of everything we offer so you can hold and feel them in your hands.
  • What Can I Expect At My Viewing & Ordering Appointment?
    Following your shoot, we take a short break while we go through your images and prepare them for your viewing. After our short break you will be shown a slideshow of all your images from the day. After the slideshow you will go through the images one by one and decide which ones you can not live without! When you book with us, you have the option to either have your products shippe directly to you. What this means is that you do not have to come back for multiple appointments! We can ship your products directly to you. That allows you to only have to block out your schedule for ONE appointment! YAY!!! We know how valuable your time is and want to make the most out of our time together.
  • I Have a Deadline, When Should I Book? "
    Please book your shoot at least 6 weeks prior to your deadline. We do book up fairly quickly so we suggest booking well in advace for your session. Booking in advance also allows you to set up your Boudie Bank (our prepayment option where you can save money towards your digitials or products).
  • Do You Offer Payment Plans?
    YES! We offer every client a few different options as far as payment plans. Please email us to find out more detailed information regarding these plans.
  • Do You Photograph Couples
    At this time we reserve couple's shoots only to past clients. Please inquire for additional information.
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