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Laura Lynne Boudoir | The Boudoir Dream Team® | Full Service Luxury Boudoir Studios in Chicago & Milwaukee

The Dream Experience

$ 300

- Professional Hair & Makeup

- Unlimited Outfit Changes

- (2) Complimentary Headshots

- Expert Coaching and Posing

- Wardrobe Consultation & Access To Client Closet

- Same Day Image Viewing & Product Ordering Session

+$150 Couples Add On

*Vixen Films that are displayed on the portfolio page are subject to an additional fee. Please inquire about pricing.

**Must be 21 years or older to book your Dream Experience




I believe in creating a customized experience for each and every one of our clients! Your self love journey is something that is so personal to you, and you should have more control over how you want to celebrate that. That is why I have created multiple experience options for you!

First you will choose what location is most convenient for you. I have two; modern, luxury, 1,400 sq ft full service studios in both Downtown Chicago and Downtown Milwaukee. Next, you will choose what experience best suits your vision of the perfect boudoir experience. 

Finally, it's time to book! Simply call, text, or email us to find out more information regarding luxury product collections, dates, and times. We of course would also love to hear more about you and your reason to book. This is such a personal experience and we treat every woman like a friend, not just another "client". We can't wait to meet you! 


most popular 

•  Professional Hair + Make up 
• 3 outfits

• (2) Complimentary Headshots
• Dream Shoot Planner

•  Access To Client Closet

• Wardrobe Styling/Assistance

• Expert Coaching And Posing  
• Same Day Image Viewing and Product Ordering Appointment

*does not include digitals or products

*Experience fee due at the time of booking. Products and digitals sold separate.

SATURDAY Appointments available for an additional $150


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"After the session I felt... high, I suppose. I was so enamored with what I had just done, with the confidence I felt in myself"

I've spent the last ten years in my career focused on making women feel better about themselves. I'm an esthetician specializing in waxing. As silly as it seems, something as simple as smoothing out a bikini line or removing an unwanted mustache does wonders for self confidence. Hair removal may seem superficial, but when you like what you see on the outside, it often makes you feel better on the inside. But who actually really loves everything on the outside?

Every day, women apologize to me. They apologize for their hairy legs, their unpedicured toes, their baby weight they just can't seem to lose. I repeat everyday that my room is a no judgement zone. I am a woman too. Don't be ashamed. It's saddening to hear this all day; woman after woman, appointment after appointment. I constantly think to myself god, I wish they could see how I saw them. These beautiful women, all shapes and sizes, all colors and curves.

After hearing about Laura Lynne from a client of mine, I decided to show myself the same self love I try to bestow upon my clients. So, after a bout of nerve induced acid relfux, I emailed Laura a few dates and times that would work. A few hours later I was booked for a date six weeks out, and I don't think that acid reflux went away once.
Trying to buy myself lingere was embarrassing. I couldn't imagine myself in anything like it, all lace and string and mesh. I was convinced that I'd look like a strung up Christmas roast. A roast with cellulite and stretch marks. I just picked a few things that I liked, and figured if Laura doesn't think these will work, I'll just get nude. Fuck it.

I decided to give up alcohol for the six weeks leading up to my appointment. This, for me, was no small feat. But, I wanted to lose some bloat, and this was the perfect inspiration to do so. I gathered the balls to do this and the thought of being devastated when I saw myself in the pictures was unbearable. So the wine had to be hidden on the top shelf of the cupboard, where I'd have time to think twice while I dragged a chair in from the dining room.

Finally the day had arrived. I had read the guides Laura had emailed me to the point of memorization. I was ready, sick with nerves, but ready. I spent that morning puttering around my house, wringing my hands. 
When I got to the studio, I was greeted with a chorus of hellos from three women with whom I was about to be very intimately acquainted. After setting my things down, I was introduced to Jenna. I had never had my makeup professionally done before, and I felt sickened by relinquishing control to someone I just met. We talked though the application and found we had some things and people in common and I became profoundly relaxed. It was as if she barely touched my face when she handed me the mirror. I gasped, and I think I scared her for a second. My breath was quite literally taken away. She had created such a masterpiece, and I still remember the heartbreak of seeing it all on my washcloth that night.

After makeup was complete, everything is kind of a blur. Laura's confidence is infectious. I was initially faking my confidence, but with Laura taking control and constantly reassuring me, the facade became reality. I allowed myself to trust her completely, even when I was thoroughly convinced I had to look like Miss Piggy trying to give face. With Krissy in the room, I felt like we were just three pals killing time on a Friday afternoon. Having these two beautiful women cheer me on made me feel like I deserved to be in the spotlight. I am, in fact, as sexy and powerful as they say.

After the session I felt... high, I suppose. I was so enamored with what I had just done, with the confidence I felt in myself. Scrolling through the photos was initially like looking at a stranger. It took me a while to let it sink in that those photos were me. I did it. Goddamnit, I did it.

Now that I have all my images readily available, I have been sharing them with my clients. The same clients that tell me day in and day out that they're sorry I have to see their flabby tummies. Now I just hand them a few photos and say hey, check out mine.

I hope that by doing this I can show all these women, whom I have the privilege of serving, that if I can embrace my "imperfections", maybe they can too.

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