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Choosing the right boudoir photographer | Laura Lynne Boudoir

What would you do?

Imagine finally booking your boudoir experience after months, if not years of getting enough courage to even send that first email.

You are shaking but so excited and nervous about this new adventure. You are looking forward to being able to embrace your body after a lifetime of self doubt.

Oh no…I have to go shopping?! I have to walk into a lingerie store and be uncomfortable, but this is part of the process and I am so excited! Lets do it!

You start standing a little taller because you are walking around with a little secret. You are going to be apart of the tribe of beautiful, strong women who discovered their self worth. FINALLY!!!

You get your hair and nails done. Something that you haven’t done for yourself in a very long time.

Ok…today is the day! You set your alarm early last night so you can pack some last minute things and to make sure you don’t run late.

Your hands are shaking. You feel like puking. You sit in your car…”do I really want to do this?” YES GIRL get your shit together. You turn the key to the ignition…you are on your way!

How exciting! You start dancing in the car to some loud music to get you in the mood to strut your stuff.

Im here…Im here…Im really doing this. You put your car in park, grab your bag and head into the studio.

“I can’t believe Im doing this!” HERE. WE. GO!

Yay! Im getting my hair and makeup done. OMG I can’t wait to see what I look like!



Ok, nerves set back in…I don’t want to get out of the dressing room and walk in front of strangers in lingerie I haven’t been in for years.


WOOOOOOOO deep breath. I am going to rock this friggen shoot! I am so happy!!!!

You're walking out (still shaking) trying to balance on your new heels.......Then…..BOOOOOOMMMMM

The Photographer, says this….

“suck it in, your stomach is hanging out and it doesn’t look good.” “Is that really what you want to wear? It seems so revealing and maybe you’d rather hide that.”

Did I really just hear that? She really doesn’t think I look beautiful? She thinks my body is disgusting. OMG what was I thinking doing this shoot? Why did I ever think I could do this? Why did I think my body can look sexy? I knew I shouldn’t of done this. I AM hideous and now she thinks so too. Shes the professional so I know if SHE thinks it, its true. I want to scream. I am disgusted.

No, I spent so much money to be here. I am just going to go through the shoot and hopefully I like a few images of myself. I will just suck it up and hopefully this will go fast. _____________________________________________________________________

Writing this is bringing tears to my eyes. Unfortunately this is a very real story a client told me of her friends experience with another boudoir studio.

Coming in, she was mentally preparing herself for us to act the same way. Needless to say, we shocked her because we don’t believe in speaking down to women. We after all, are empowerers through and through.

She wrote about it and you can see what she had to say about her experience with us, and her friends experience linked here:

As women, we often think this negative behavior from others is ok because we are so use to it. Even from ourselves.

I really want you to listen to me….this behavior is not ok.

This is something I feel the friend had every right to walk out of the session that day. Let’s be honest, she should of and she should of went out screaming her head off.

So my question to you is….would you suck it up and listen to that photographer that is suppose to be helping you, or would you demand respect and walk out…because nobody is going to make you feel bad about your body?


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