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NOT a Victoria Secret Photoshoot | Laura Lynne Boudoir | Chicago Boudoir | Milwaukee Boudoir

Some will describe boudoir as being "Just Like A Victoria Secret Photoshoot".

The experience we offer is NOT a Victoria Secret Photoshoot…this has nothing to do with being a VS model.

This experience is not all fluff nor will you see photos filled with women with so much photoshop and morphing of their bodies, you hardly reco

gnize who they really are.

No No No, this is about growth. This is about finding yourself and reconnecting to the woman who you really are. This is about loving the woman you see in the mirror every single day.

I want to create true heirloom pieces of artwork that you can take with you for the rest of your life. So when you are having a bad day, or want to look back in 40 years at these images that you smile. You smile remember how you felt that day. You smile because you are so proud of the courage you had to take back your life. You’re smiling because you finally decided to end the war with your body and quiet all the self-doubt in your head.

As women we already think that we can’t live up to society’s and social media’s opinion of what beautiful is. Why would I ever describe this as a Victoria Secret Photoshoot if I know that you probably look at those women in their photographs and campaigns and not feel like you can either relate or live up to them. I don’t want to set you up for failure before you even get into my studios.

You are worth more than a VS Photoshoot. You deserve an experience with YOU in mind and with women who support YOUR journey.

Chicago Boudoir | Laura Lynne Boudoir | Milwaukee Boudoir


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