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SELF WORTH | Laura Lynne Boudoir

I teach women the POWER OF SELF WORTH.

Recently I was really thinking of the message I send to women.

Is it more self love or self worth? The answer is unequivocally....Self Worth.

There are so many people out there only preaching self love. To me, that is still holding women back. Often times people describe self love as taking a bubble bath and lighting some candles. Getting a massage and taking a walk. That babes, is a joke. Its a cop out. Its easy. Its a good marketing tool. Its a trend to slap on some beauty product labels. It's a phrase to book more clients. Its a phrase to pour more advertising dollars into to.

Don't get me wrong I of course want you to have self love. But more importantly I want to teach you the power of self worth. I want to chat about the difference between them because there is a very fine line between self love and self worth. The literal term of Self Love is: noun : noun regard for one's own well-being and happiness The meaning of Self Worth comes from Self Esteem : noun confidence in one's own worth or abilities; self-respect."assertiveness training for those with low self-esteem" Self love is more descriptive of taking care of your well being. I want to teach you Self Worth - the power of knowing your worth, self respect, and knowing your abilities. I want you to be able to stand up for what you believe in without fear. I want you to be able to take off the invisible mask around your mouth and be able to demand respect from others. To know YOU ARE WORTHY.

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