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Falling In LOVE with your butt! | Laura Lynne Boudoir | Chicago Boudoir | Milwaukee Boudoir

She said: "I don't like my butt!!" Do you have any idea how many times we hear this complaint? Every time I grin and think to myself "I can't wait until she sees her images"

Ill give you a guess as to how many times I have turned that word "hate" into "HOLY SHIT IM HOT, I want ALLLL the butt shots you took!" Which is exactly what happen with this babe and she landed up with 1/3 of her gallery filled with butt shots.

Posing is KEY and you don't see your butt in all its glory when standing in the mirror. You have to twist and turn to take a good sexy selfie or try and see it through a side view or over the shoulder...or worse yet your self timer on your crappy cell phone with dim lighting...where you are dripping sweat and aggravated by the time you finally get a photo you are semi happy with.

That is why we are the Professionals, and we will showcase you how you truly are and how we see you, which is; beautiful, sexy, strong, and fearless!! I will use the light to shape you and your natural curves to prove to you that you are way more sexy than you think!

I can't wait to prove the next woman wrong...hehehehe


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