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Top 10 Boudoir Excuses Obliterated | Milwaukee Boudoir | Chicago Boudoir | Laura Lynne Boudoir

The longer you make excuses, the longer you deny yourself of Self Love.

Here it is: The most commonly used excuses not to do a boudoir session, Obliterated!

1) I need to loose some weight!

--Why? Unless you are on a weight loss or fitness journey, you will use that excuse for YEARS...YEARSSSS! I say this with 100% certainty because I have ladies who have emailed me for over 3 years now with "I am going to book as soon as I lose the weight....". Fast forward to today, they're still waiting and have no intentions of losing that weight and they are stuck in the comfort zone of their excuses.

2) I have stretch marks and cellulite.

--EVERYONE has them! Yes EVERYONE! While we don't airbrush out those things as we want you to fall in love with your body and would hate for you to wake up everyday not being able to live up to your own over airbrushed images of yourself. Our expert posing and coaching minimizes the appearance of stretchmarks and cellulite as well as our overall light skin smoothing that we do to polish our artwork.

3) I don't have a spouse to do them for!

--Who said you need to have a spouse for the most amazing self love experience? Take this time to celebrate what an amazing woman you are. Being in a relationship does not validate who you are as a woman. I know as women, we feel guilty spending money on ourselves so we need an excuse or another reason to splurge. I totally get it! But, the longer you wait and the longer you make excuses the further and further away you are from a totally different outlook on your beauty.

4) I don't want to share my images!

--Your privacy and safety is our number one concern! We do not share any images online or on social media, unless our clients have signed a release allowing us to. It is up to you whether or not you share your images.

5) I am too old!

--Girl we have photographed everyone from 21-65! Boudoir isn't meant just for the younger babes! It's important to celebrate yourself in every stage of life.

6) I am not comfortable naked or in lingerie around myself, how am I going to feel confident enough to do this in front of strannnnnngggers?

--You do not need to "gain confidence" before you step into our beautiful studios. If you are open to the experience and really let your guard down and are ready to accept who you are, you can gain that confidence. This is a two way street here ladies - without being on board or open to seeing yourself in a whole new light, you will gain nothing from this experience. Remember, we have an all female staff with private, safe, and secure locations. This is a space where you can be yourself without any judgement!

7) I don't own any lingerie and I don't want to go buy anything!

--Well, this is all about stepping out of your comfort zone right? Let's put some effort in babes! This is the perfect opportunity to start purchasing the things you never thought you would. To step out of your comfort zone and try on things that make you look at yourself in the mirror and say, "Damn I look good!". I know it can be scary, especially if you haven't tried anything on in awhile. But, I promise you won't regret it! Remember, that the shoot is meant to bring out who you are. Simple is best with us as we focus on you and your body rather than props and oversize boxy jerseys. This babe rocked a $10 tank top from American Eagle and some undies from H&M. BOOM instant boudoir outfit without trying too hard! We are always here for any questions you may have along the way and provide a guide to prepare you for your big day. The guide goes over everything from waxing to wardrobe.

8) I'm a MOM and I don't want to spend money on myself - OR- I don't want my kids to find them.

--Don't erase yourself from up in your photographs! I know I would love to see boudoir photos of my own mother some day so I can look back on them and think, DAMN my mom was fearless and she looks; happy, beautiful, and confident! Just imagine what kind of message you can send with your images some day. Spending time or money on yourself is not selfish...there is a reason why they say put your oxygen masks on first before helping others on the airplane. If you are not happy, it shows and radiates to all relationships in your life.

9) I am not a model, I wish I could do this..I'm not as skinny or curvy as she is!

--Let's just get this straight right now...there is NOT A PERFECT body type! That is something that either society or someone in your life has taught you and I am here to tell you, ITS WRONG! I know we may look at another woman and say, "wow I really wish I had her butt, Wow I wish I really was that thin, or for Me; I wish I had more hips" We all have our hangups but there is no expectation to live up to or judgement from us before walking in our doors. That simply does not exist in our world.

Each and every woman that has stepped in front of my camera has been coached and posed. NOT ONE woman has ever posed or coached herself. We literally pose you from your the way your hair falls, to the way you breathe, to the way you point your toes. We are the professionals, and we got you girl!

10) I am not sure I can afford this...

--For 2019 we have changed our Payment Plan structure to make this experience possible for most, if not all women! If this is a priority to you, you will make it a priority to get booked and set up your payment plan(s)! We offer up to 12 months in house payment plans at no additional charge to you! So, plan plan plan plan ahead! 80% of our clients take advantage of our ahhhhhmazing plans allowing them to walk away with their dream products to cherish for years and years!

We are here for you when you are ready and we can't wait to start planning your Life Changing Boudoir Experience together.


Laura Lynne


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